Less than 4 weeks passed after David Fridlund left Stockholm for Malmö in 1999 before the first incarnation of David & The Citizens was born. Since then a number of line-up changes have taken place. People like Jenny Wilson, Karl-Jonas Winqvist, Mikael Carlsson, Conny Fridh, Alexander Madsen, Magnus Bjerkert and John Bjerkert have all had "Citizenships"!
David & the Citizens self-titled debut EP (often referred to as "the Beppe EP", as it features a drawing of David's cat Beppe on the cover - nowadays the band's trademark) was released on April 9:th 2001 and in the five years that passed since then D&TC have released a vast number of records in various formats (two full-lengths) and enjoyed a lot of success in Sweden. Highlights include being nominated for a Grammy Award (in the "best pop band" category), being number 1 in the MTV Nordic charts with the video for "Song Against Life" for weeks on end, being awarded an indie gold record, playing every single festival & major music event in Sweden (the biggest festival in Sweden - Hultsfred - three times!) and having the opportunity to work with Jens Lindgård who has previously worked with Franz Ferdinand, St Etienne and many more.
David & the Citizens' songs speak earnestly of the great subjects in life - love, loss, and despair - through buoyant melodies & beautifully crafted pop songs. The band's dramatic live show displays their more upbeat, "party" side, but on record their music comes across as compassionate, thoughtful, and often heartrendingly bittersweet.

In the past couple of years the band's releases have reached far beyond the borders of Sweden with domestic releases in the US, Japan, Germany/Austria/Switzerland and distribution deals set up in most major territories in Europe + Australia. To further establish their profile they have toured extensively over the years, playing a total of 200+ shows, including performances at Eurosonic in Holland, the Roskilde Festival in Denmark (the biggest festival in Scandinavia) and including two tours of Europe, two of Denmark, two of Norway, one of the Baltic countries, one of the UK and numerous shows in London.
Up till now David & The Citizens have released the majority of their music on the Malmö based record label Adrian Recordings, but to be able to make the rest of the world an equally big priority as Sweden and have an opportunity to tour outside of Scandinavia to an even greater extent than before D&TC recently signed with Swedish indie label Bad Taste Records (with ancillary offices in Germany & Spain and an events department working exclusively with coordinating tours worldwide) and are set to release the mini album "Are You In My Blood?" in Europe in May/June, with other territories to follow shortly thereafter. "Are You In My Blood?" is the first track to be lifted off their third full-length "Stop The Tape! Stop The Tape!", due for release in Aug/Sep, and in addition to the title track the mini album features 4 brand new tracks that are exclusive to this release.
Needless to say perhaps, these two releases will be accompanied by relentless touring, starting with a handful of festivals in May and going for as long as it takes to get people everywhere to realize what an incredible band David & The Citizens is.
The new material, recorded and mixed in Mission Hall Studio, together with Johan T Karlsson and Andreas Söderlund (Niccokick and Sounds Like Violence) will definitely raise a few eyebrows. All the former elements are still there, both musically and lyrically, but an increasing interest in darker, colder and more artificial sounds has found its way into the music and created a more urban feel to it. The acoustic guitar has been exchanged, to a great extent, for its electric counterpart, giving their music a harder edge rarely found in previous recordings.
Regardless of if you are just discovering the band now or if you've been following their progress since day one, you're in for a real treat!

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